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Our Riding Programs

We offer a range of programs for all ages and abilities starting at 3 years of age. Our programs start at grassroots and can transition into the competitive stream depending on the rider’s pursuits. We align with our national body, Equestrian Canada and all of our coaches are fully certified and insured.

HOw do I know which program is right for me?

Rookie Rider

Certified through Equestrian Canada, Rookie Rider is a grassroots program intended to teach fundamental physical literacy skills while helping children to become familiar with horses. It is designed for those who have little to no experience with horses. 

This program includes time on the horse, a stable management lesson & contains a
fundamental gymnastic component.
Includes a complimentary Rookie Rider’s

P'tit Trot

Certified through Equestrian Canada, this entry level program provides education on stable management and a general knowledge of horses. Regular riding lessons in a group format develops the fundamental riding skills. This program runs over 2 hours with the first hour providing stable management, with the riding lesson occurring in the second hour. There are 4 progressive levels with this program with certificates of achievement at the end of every session. 
A complimentary rider workbook is included.

Recreational Lessons

RWS’s uniquely designed recreational lessons are available mainly in a group setting. Designed to teach basic riding skills with the focus of helping riders to be independent and confident while also learning to enjoy the equestrian sport

Competitive Lessons

Must have previous horse experience in order to enter our competitive stream. Designed to prepare riders to compete and manage the competitive environment through participation in horse shows. Competitive lessons are offered year round and in a group format.

Acadia Equestrian

RWS is the proud host of the Acadia Equestrian team for students currently enrolled in a full time or part-time program at Acadia University. Tryouts are usually held in early September and riders interested in this program should contact the Acadia Equestrian Team through the Acadia athletics department. Each student receives 8 lessons per semester & competes at a minimum of 6 horse shows per school calendar year.
Horses are provided.

Pony Club

For children and youth between ages 6 – 25 years of age. The Evangeline Pony Club provides stable management education with the opportunity to earn badges and advance through globally recognized levels while also providing opportunities to compete and travel nationally & internationally. This branch offers Mounted Games, Stable Management, Quiz, and a Summer Camp in July. There are also opportunities to compete in regional events. 

Horses are provided.

Horse Masters

Ever wish you had joined Pony Club as a youth? Did you wish you knew more about horses? Want to meet other adults who are wanting to expand their equine knowledge? 

This is a brand new program developed through the Canadian Pony Club. Horsemasters is designed to teach adults basic stable management and equestrian knowledge through hands-on experience, education and testing. 

No previous horse experience is required.
This program is also appropriate for alumni of Pony Club who wish to continue to test and earn additional levels.

RWS is the proud host of the Free Spirit Therapeutic Riding Association who provides accessible and inclusive programming to all individuals (as young as 3+ years) who present with unique abilities or require additional support for programming. We encourage you to check out their website at for more information on volunteer opportunities as well as programming. Horses are provided.

EC Rider Levels

Equestrian Canada has developed a Learn To Ride program to ensure the basic concepts of riding are clearly understood before the rider progresses to the next level. The program provides opportunities for riders to progress through written tests, interviews, and under-saddle jump and flat tests. There are 10 levels with rider level 6 being a pre-requisite to becoming a certified instructor. Horses are provided.