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About The Business

What began as a small hobby farm in 2003 has become a place that believes in providing an environment that promotes physical literacy, healthy active living, youth development, cross generational relationships and citizen engagement

RWS’ approach is innovative as it extends beyond the traditional profit motive. We have adopted a social mission that utilizes resources and participants of its traditional riding program to enable programming for those with physical and mental exceptionalities including intentional support for Veterans and their families struggling with PTSD. Our horse-centric focus helps to create non-threatening environments intended to foster positive relationships while promoting active lifestyles. In turn, this is bringing communities together and supporting persons of all ages and abilities.

Our hope is to help break down barriers to wellness through individual and group experiential relationships, citizen engagement and stronger social networks.

Our Family's story

As a military family, recently posted to Greenwood, we decided to purchase a small hobby farm in 2002 for our 2 ponies and 1 horse. Alissa, 16 at the time, began offering riding lessons to 5 students which started to grow quickly into a small riding school. After a number of years working with horses, we knew as a family the positive effect horses can have for human wellness. We wanted to make equine assisted activities as accessible as possible. Using the resource base of the family as a catalyst to start the business with the vision and equine expertise of one member of the family, we turned a small farm house and a three stall barn into a business that uses horses to facilitate healthy active living. 

Our outdoor riding ring was established in 2003, quickly followed by our 24 stall barn, completed in 2006. The indoor riding ring was erected in 2010. With the addition of the Indoor Riding Ring, RWS was able to become the host facility for FSTRA in 2012. 

Our small hobby farm has now grown to house 50 horses annually and provides programming to over 300 individuals every week.

Our Pillars

Community Engagement

Fostering a vibrant and healthy community through engagement

Developing Leaders

Investing in the lives and creating experiences for leaders

Experiential Education

Cultivating and nurturing experiential educational opportunities

Our Facility

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